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We know you like us, but it's called work for a reason. This is how we calculate our pay.

The goal of this compensation structure is to reward and encourage motivated employees to improve as quickly as possible, rather than simply awarding raises based on time spent with the company.

Step 1: Quantitative Skills

Skills related to the position are listed, and then graded on a scale from 1 (basic) to 3 (complex). The employee is assessed if he is able to perform that task with no assistance. Salary adjustments are awarded based on if the task is able to be properly performed. 

For example: Can the employee operate the forklift?

Step 2: Qualitative Traits

More subjective traits like: Quality, efficiency, initiative, and attendance are evalauted in this section on a scale from 0 (severe) to 5 (superstar). Multipliers are assigned to each score, then applied to each trait.


For example: Is the employee able to complete tasks, with supervision, with no mistakes? 

Step 3: Add it Up

Once each area has been evaluated, simply adding the pay adjustments to the base pay will determine the hourly pay. See picture below for reference.

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